«Ritual Special Cargo» works in Kiev and Ukraine since 1999.

We have partners around the world and can offer
high quality service almost in every corner of the globe!



We provide timely and high quality transportation of HR (human remains) on hearses; our experts duly choose the transport and professionally compile all supporting documents.


Individual approach to HR (human remains) transportation allows you to get quality services at the most affordable prices. The working out of HR (human remains) route provides timely delivery.


Delivery of HR (human remains) by air transport: quickly, to any region, providing a full range of funeral services. Professional work, an individual approach, compiling the documents at customs.


Human remains: delivery, transportation – efficiently and quickly from professionals

HR (human remains) transportationHR (human remains) transportation is a complex organizational process that requires not only knowledge of the specifics of compiling the supporting documents, but also the peculiarities of the medical procedures with the body of the deceased, embalming and transportation in a special zinc box. Our experts offer a professional approach to each application, compiling all the necessary documents and cooperation with the embassies of many countries to provide a modern service and delivery of the body of the deceased to the place of destination.

Human remains transportation is one of the main directions of our activity. We know all the peculiarities of compiling the documents, our staff will choose the best route and flight quickly, transport or help with transportation of human remains and meet them at the destination point. We ensure documents compliance with all requirements, competence and responsible approach to each order.


"Ritual Special Cargo" delivers HR (human remains) almost in all directions.
We will take care of preparing the container, embalming the body and sealing, select the best flight and order tickets and provide full escort of HR (human remains) if necessary.


Transportation on hearses for over 15 years.

HR (human remains) transportation on a hearseHR (human remains) transportation on a hearse is the most convenient and financially justified delivery method of the body of the deceased in Ukraine, CIS and neighboring countries. Our hearses have all necessary licenses and permits for this type of transportation. With a fleet of various hearses, we can offer minivans with 1-5 seats, large buses with 10 - 50 seats and VIP level hearses Lincoln and Cadillac. Our company offers a full range of high quality funeral services in Ukraine and any country in Europe.

We provide consultation on the necessary funeral merchandise and documents for transportation, as well as take care of the transfer: from the choice of a suitable vehicle and the working out of the route to cooperation with the border guards. We employ only experienced drivers, our vehicles are regularly inspected and are reliable and comfortable. In addition, we understand the delicacy of the problem and our staff is ready to surround the relatives of the dead with care and understanding.


We work round the clock